Here you can purchase the first, third, sixth stages, and seventh stages of the Foundation Stage, the Engaged/Essentials for Success in Marriage Stage, the Parenting Younger Children (Ages 0-5) Stage, and the Parenting Teens of the Life Cycle Curriculum Series.  In the near future, we will have all 10 Stages of the Life Cycle Curriculum available.

DVD Collection

These are exciting times for The Carpenter’s Workshop. We are now in production of videos of the stages of The Carpenter’s Workshop. The future will bring a collection of DVDs, instructions, and booklets to conduct Carpenter’s Workshops in your church during Sunday School, evening or day biblical study, and to offer to your congregation and community.

Book Collection

In these exciting times, the plan is to examine each stage through reading of a book of its own. Pray with us today to allow time and continued efforts to create and produce this life-changing information that will be offered to the general public as a way to come to know God and to use biblical wisdom and practical application needed to support each stage.