Parenting Teens Stage DVD Set and Companion Notebook


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Parenting Teens Notebook

This stage will build on the first two parenting stages. We will reinforce and expand on many of the principles inculcated in the earlier stages. This will include the importance of developing a relationship with God so that His Spirit is empowering and internally motivating them to follow & obey God and their parents, imparting God’s love to our teens in both its tender and tough forms, building Godly self esteem, dealing with peer pressure and healthy friendships, Godly dating principles, and age appropriate sex education. Parents will also be equipped with the essentials for preparing to launch their children into the post teen/college years.

The Parenting Older Children Stage is the seventh stage in a series of 10 stages.

The Parenting Teens Stage DVD set contains 12 lessons.  Each lesson takes approximately 1 hour.  The 12 video lessons of the Parenting Teens Stage reside on 4 DVDs.

The Parenting Teens Notebook is spiral bound.

Here is a list of the Parenting Teens Sessions:

1 – Introduction
2 – Spiritual Growth 1
3 – Spiritual Growth 2
4 – Essentials of Tender Love
5 – Essentials of Tough Love
6 – Essentials of God’s Love – Discipline
7 – Building Your Teen’s Self Esteem
8 – Peer Problems and Solutions
9 – Dating
10 – Sexuality
11 – Preparation to Launch
12 – How to Create a Game Plan