To Build Healthy Single Adults, Marriages, Families And Grandparents By Preventively Equipping Them To Follow The Wisdom Of God!

Since God has designed Marriages and Families we can only be assured of success as we follow the design of the designer. When we build our marriages and families, success is only assured as we follow the design of the designer. We must know and follow the design of God, The Lord and Master Carpenter of Life to insure success.

It is overwhelmingly true, as our motto states, “it is easier to build strong men than to repair broken adults.” If we can place our efforts at training and development at the front end through prevention, it will be so much easier to enjoy the fruit of success at the back end of the process of raising Godly marriages and families.

Since an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure, The Carpenter’s Workshop is designed to build strength primarily through preventive equipping.