The Carpenter’s Workshop is a comprehensive Christian ministry designed to build healthy Single Adults, Marriages, Families and Grandparents by preventively equipping them to follow the wisdom of God at every stage of this lifecycle.

Word to the Wise

A daily, 2-minute audio teaching as presented on Word Radio (88.7 FM) from the book of Proverbs.
It is designed to help all to understand and practice, the practical wisdom or manual for life, given by God, the designer of life so that we will increasingly enjoy the delights of that design.

The Carpenter's Workshop Word to the Wise Podcast

The Carpenter’s Workshop Training Center

A weekly video teaching session by Dr Hollo,
devoted to building a healthy relationship
with God, Yourself and Others.
(Click below to see a brief description of the importance
and scope of this Training Center)

The Carpenter's Workshop Training Center Podcast

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