The Carpenter’s Workshop
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God designed us to experience maximum life through relationships.  Sadly, each of us have so many broken relationships and the effect on our lives and others is robbing us of the life God designed us to have.  Will you never forget that there will never be delight in life if we fail to follow the design of the Designer, God!!!

Since God is the source of life, we must first establish a quality relationship with Him.  As we do, we will become healthier and acquire more of His life which will enable us to break our own personal destructive habits and build new healthy ones.  As God’s life permeates our life, we will then bring life into all our relationships with others.  Friendships, Courtship, Dating, Marriage, Parenting and Grand parenting will all become relationships that are enlivened instead of deadened.

  • This training will be comprehensive for each of these 3 relationship areas.
  • An emphasis will be placed on making application so that we actually change unhealthy patterns and conform our lives to the design of our Designer, God.
  • It is recommended that if you join this training center, mid stream, or at some time after the beginning, that you or you and your spouse return to the beginning, especially in your relationship with God, and make those changes necessary. As soon as you can, “catch up” to the latest teaching, you can then continue to build on what you will learn in the future.
  • For all who desire specific training for all stages of the Single Adult, Marriage, Parenting and Grand parenting lifecycle utilize the main resources of The Carpenter’s Workshop training manuals and videos for or each stage. Each is 12 weeks of the most important knowledge & skill development for each stage.  Learn & follow them preventively, before you enter each stage and miss the many problems others will encounter and multiply:  “It is easier to build strong children, than repair a broken adult” – Frederick Douglas
    • Foundation*
    • Engagement/Foundation For Success In Marriage*
    • Newly Married
    • Marriage Enrichment
    • Parenting Younger Children*
    • Parenting Older Children*
    • Parenting Teens*
    • Empty Nest
    • Grand parenting

*Completed and available for use (all others in production)

God bless you as you enter God’s Workshop today.

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