Parenting Older Children (Ages 6-12) Notebook


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Parenting Older Children (Ages 6-12) Notebook

This stage builds on the first stage to build healthy children, Parenting Young Children (0-5). Once children have been secured in God’s love and they have come to respect the authority of parents and others, a number of developmental tasks must be taught in the this stage. Most significantly is the spiritual development of children. It is at this time that they come to “the age of reason” and can personally express faith, appropriate God’s Spirit and cultivate their own relationship with God. In this stage children will also be taught how to assume vital responsibilities or disciplines that will enhance and strengthen them. Other important topics will include Discovering Your Child’s Unique Bent and Developing A Godly Self Esteem. We will tackle the important work of Guarding Their Environment from unwholesome influences at this tender age. Finally, because of the many challenges and pressures of contemporary society we will introduce age appropriate sex education.

The Parenting Older Children Stage consists of 12 sessions.  The Parenting Older Children Notebook contains all necessary notes for all of the Foundation Stage lessons.  This product does not contain the The Parenting Older Children DVD set.  This is only the The Parenting Older Children Notebook.

This stage consists of 12 sessions.

Here is a list of the Parenting Older Children (Ages 6-12) Sessions:

Session 1 – Introduction
Session 2 – Growing in Our Ability to Love
Session 3 – Nurturing Faith 1
Session 4 – Nurturing Faith 2
Session 5 – Nurturing Faith 3
Session 6 – Development of Discipline 1
Session 7 – Development of Discipline 2
Session 8 – Discovering Your Child’s Bent
Session 9 – Developing Your Child’s Self Esteem
Session 10 – Sex Education
Session 11 – Environmental Protection Package
Session 12 – Game Plan