Calling all Pastors and Spouses

Pastors and their spouses need time for Rest, Recreation, Renewal, &
Romance. Your work of constantly giving to meet the needs of your flock
must be balanced with personal and marital enrichment in order to remain
healthy and useful. Retreat is essential for renewal.
Come join us for one of 4 opportunities to be ministered to and to be re-energized for life and ministry.
We know that you will be transformed by this time away as a couple. We are
offering the retreats on four occasions. Choose one and register soon.
Each retreat will begin on Monday evening and conclude on Thursday
noon. All meals, accommodations and instruction material will be provided.

Retreat costs are $ 200 per couple.
Retreat dates for 2013 are:
February 11-14
May 6-9
July 29 – August 1
October 7-10

(We would be glad to send letters to Church Boards to encourage them to send you and
your spouse to any of these retreats. If you call or email us with the address
of your board chair we will send a personal note asking them to consider
covering the retreat costs for you.)

For more information, download the pdf Calling All Pastors.